Is Your IT Budget Realistic?

Is Your 2020 IT Budget Realistic?

Are you having trouble settling on the right IT budget? Are you unsure about where to allocate your funds? IND Corporation will help you resolve your budgeting qualms and ensure that your future IT budget fits realistically into your company's goals.

4 ways managed IT improves your business processes

From faster response times to all the help you could need managing your business in the cloud, there are many ways managed IT services can help to streamline your business processes while also helping to cut IT costs. Because of the benefits, more SMBs are opting for managed services instead of hiring in-house staff.

What are the benefits of managed IT?

From streamlining your technical and day-to-day operations to improving your overall cybersecurity, partnering with a managed services provider gives your company the edge over your competitors – here's a rundown of why managed services should be part of your next IT investment.

Managed IT: What you need to know

Managed IT services offer business on-demand support while reducing costs overall. Explore all the benefits of IT services and why you should consider outsourcing your day to day IT workload so you can ensure your team has the technology to be productive and effective.

IT support while working remotely due to the coronavirus

Many businesses are choosing to allow their employees to work remotely due to the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic. Be assured that IND Corp remains committed to supporting your IT systems throughout the crisis. IND Corp can provide IT solutions for your business even while employees are not in the office.