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The Need for Specialized Managed Services

Managed IT service is nothing new. When a company is struggling to juggle multiple hats, the best solution is to hand their IT qualms over to a managed service expert. So in the realm of IT solutions, how does IND distinguish ourselves from the rest?

Website Cloning: Should I Worry?

Malicious actors will do this as a way to try and redirect legitimate users from the original website to a malicious website where the hacker will then harvest the user’s information. Many pitfalls can result from websites being cloned. Let’s review some situations that could be a result of website cloning.

What Is a Network Security Assessment?

Organizations that either own or operate within a controlled network topology are at risk for thousands of cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats. The best method for detecting these threats and seeing them through remediation would be to conduct a network security assessment.

IT Budgeting Mistakes to Avoid

Any corporation trying to scale with the times will need the benefits of technology at their helm. Without IT, you will quickly fall behind the curve. It is one thing to buy a strictly IT service versus buying a service that will help tailor its offering around your business strategy and current financial situation. Let us review some high-level IT services that are needed in this day in age to succeed, and then touch on how IND corporation can help you implement them successfully.

Two-Factor Authentication: Is It Worth It?

If you currently use email or an online payment app, it is very likely you have come in contact with a two-factor authentication process. But the question still remains: how great has this process been in securing your personal information?