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Managed IT: Starts here

Is your IT infrastructure falling short of your business’ expectations? If so, it’s time you considered getting professional help from a managed IT service provider. Outsource your IT services to professionals and focus on the core function of your business worry-free.

Is Your 2020 IT Budget Realistic?

Are you having trouble settling on the right IT budget? Are you unsure about where to allocate your funds? IND Corporation will help you resolve your budgeting qualms and ensure that your future IT budget fits realistically into your company’s goals.

The Importance of Dark Web Surveillance

It is vital that every organization has dark web surveillance practices in place to continuously scan for confidential company records that may have been leaked to the public as well as reactive controls in the scenario that an employee’s account is ever compromised.

IT Mistakes to Avoid During Growth

While business growth comes with hopeful ambition, it also brings slight worries about your team’s capacity to scale. Since no business wants to halt signs of growth, it’s in your best interest to prepare for expansion to avoid these common IT mistakes.

Selecting the Perfect Encryption Solution for Your Business

Amongst the plethora of data security strategies, encryption has been rapidly making a name for itself as one of the best solutions. However, keep in mind that when it comes to encryption solutions, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. If you are thinking of incorporating this technique into your security strategies, brush up on this basic knowledge.

GDPR Explained

As technology advances in our digital world, so do its protective laws and regulations. One important advancement in this digital age is the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Help Your IT Service Provider Help You

Any change occurring within office walls, no matter how small, can pose significant stress to your employees. Even the slightest disruption of daily activity can induce a level of stress within your business. This is often a primary concern for businesses looking to switch their managed IT providers. At IND Corporation, we understand the stress that comes with taking on a new IT service provider. That’s why we’ve outlined a few tips to keep in mind, in both the onboarding process and beyond, to keep your team and ours on the same page.

Hot and Cold Data Storage: Know the Difference

In the realm of data, it’s common to hear a temperature tiered terminology to describe different levels of storage. But unless you’re privy to the tech jargon, you might not understand the differences. At IND Corporation, we are experts in data storage solutions and wanted to break down the difference between hot and cold data storage for you.