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Data security and the future of your business protection

One of the largest threats Americans and American business owners face today is cyber attacks. This threat has been on the steady incline and research shows it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. So what does that mean for you? What does that mean for your business? Simply put, it means, serious measures must be taken to ensure the safety of company data.

The basics of backup and disaster recovery planning

Backup and disaster recovery (BDR) is one of the most fundamental components of your business, this is what will save you when your ship has sunken. We are going to go over the most basic but also most important characteristics your BDR plan should include. For any small business, this will lay the perfect foundation for your BDR strategy.

Apply this risk management framework to your business

Risk management is a cyclic step-by-step process determined by your organization’s security objectives. Applying a risk management framework is the most strategic approach to attaining your cybersecurity goals. An RMF is the blueprint for putting up robust security structures.

Take the proactive approach when it comes to cybersecurity

Case study at a glance: Employees: 700 Locations: East coast The situation Leading up to the attack A person outside of the organization received what looked to be a legitimate email from the organization with a Word document attachment. When the user opened the Word document, their computer was breached. However, this email was sent […]

Business resilience in the midst of disaster

Words like disaster and catastrophe are frequently heard these days. But what about resilience or recovery”? With a business disaster recovery (BDR) plan, and the support of a managed service provider (MSP), businesses can reframe the debate, and protect themselves against a catastrophe.

What are the benefits of managed IT?

From streamlining your technical and day-to-day operations to improving your overall cybersecurity, partnering with a managed services provider gives your company the edge over your competitors – here’s a rundown of why managed services should be part of your next IT investment.

IT support while working remotely due to the coronavirus

Many businesses are choosing to allow their employees to work remotely due to the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic. Be assured that IND Corp remains committed to supporting your IT systems throughout the crisis. IND Corp can provide IT solutions for your business even while employees are not in the office.

Managed IT: Starts here

Is your IT infrastructure falling short of your business’ expectations? If so, it’s time you considered getting professional help from a managed IT service provider. Outsource your IT services to professionals and focus on the core function of your business worry-free.

Is Your 2020 IT Budget Realistic?

Are you having trouble settling on the right IT budget? Are you unsure about where to allocate your funds? IND Corporation will help you resolve your budgeting qualms and ensure that your future IT budget fits realistically into your company’s goals.

The Importance of Dark Web Surveillance

It is vital that every organization has dark web surveillance practices in place to continuously scan for confidential company records that may have been leaked to the public as well as reactive controls in the scenario that an employee’s account is ever compromised.