Advantage of the Cloud for Small Businesses

Advantage of the Cloud for Small Businesses

Commit Your Small Business to the Cloud

Tech buzzwords come and go, but ‘the cloud‘ is one phrase that has stuck since the beginning of the last decade due to its growing importance to businesses. Now, almost every SME, entrepreneur and individual has heard of the cloud is and has used some of its applications whether at home or at work. Nothing states its popularity more than the fact that 62% of SMEs already integrate cloud computing features.

Although the race is not always won by the swift, these statistics show that if you have not considered integrating cloud-based solutions in your SME, you may be left behind. If you’re a small business looking to enhance your office efficiency, check out these benefits of cloud integration.

Accelerating Business Development – The old saying ‘one in five start-ups fail’ still remains true. This failure rate is generally due to logistics issue and not being able to scale a business through the early weeks and months of its existence. Thankfully, the average SME now has more than enough supporting tools to be successful, unlike the old days. And the cloud is one of such tools. Cloud-based solutions can now be used to simplify tasks such as; customer relationship management, internal communication, and scaling up IT infrastructure when required.

Cloud solutions that integrate analytics tools will help your business curate paying customers, identify prospective customers and determine the relationship-management approach that will keep customers/clients happy. The information to be gleaned from your cloud-infrastructure can also be used to predict the growth in your customer base and when to scale-up IT infrastructure to meet expected growth.

File Management – Many businesses greatly benefit from IND’s Cloud File Storage solution. Cloud-based file storage can be an affordable solution to managing all your company documents. With low upfront costs and a pay-as-you-go subscription, we make it easy for businesses to affordably access their files in the cloudwhile upgrading their document management from just saving files on a hard-drive in their office.

When owning a small business, you’re often tasked with wearing multiple hats. With so much on your plate, it’s easy to lose track of what’s important. Our file storage solutions redundantly save documents, so even in the event of a network disaster, your data is easily accessible.

Enhanced Security Measures – Guaranteeing the security of customer data and transactions are still major hurdles most small businesses have not successfully solved. According to the Breach Level Index, 58% of small businesses have no security measures in place to handle data loss and this is where cloud computing could help. Integrating cloud storage with your IT infrastructure and ensuring every security certificate and updates are in place will drastically reduce the possibility of a security breach putting your enterprise out of business.

Integrating a secure and high-performing cloud solution to speed up your business’s working processes and security involves the provisioning of apps and cloud infrastructure customized to meet your business’s requirements. This is why it is recommended that experienced professionals handle the technical tasks that come with analyzing your IT systems and integrating the right cloud-based measures.

At IND Corporation, our experienced engineers are at your beck and call. Schedule a consultation today and we will take care of your cloud-based needs.