5 Ways Your IT Employee is Wasting Your Money

5 Ways Your IT Employee is Wasting Your Money IND CORPWe’re not suggesting you march down the hall and fire your in-house IT person, but we will tell you there are better ways to spend your company’s hard-earned money.

When it comes to IT support and consulting for small businesses, better means partnering with an IT service provider who specializes in fixed-cost managed IT services.

Seriously—outsourcing your IT services to a company that has a team dedicated to this key area of your operations is a very smart business move. To do it any other way is to hold back your business – and to waste your hard-earned profits. Here are five reasons why.

  1. Jack of all trades, master of none. No single IT professional or in-house department can cost-effectively provide pro-active, comprehensive IT support and consulting. A single IT employee does not have the large variety of specialized skill-sets or refined processes and systems that a competent IT service provider should have. [br][br] When you shop around for IT services contractors, ask about the types of centralized, flat-rate services they offer: 24/7 monitoring and response, disaster recovery protocols, help desk services, daily backup management, security management (especially today with all the system breaches/hacks), server maintenance, urgent response support, and business planning services. Don’t forget mobile device security management. Can your IT employee do all that?
  1. Managed services is more cost efficient. Employees require payroll and benefits, take vacation, get sick, and require supervision. By contracting with an IT managed services provider, you get all the services you need at one monthly cost. No benefits to deal with, no overtime, not to mention those vacations and sick or personal days. Plus the list of must-have IT services critical to maintaining your operation would require an IT professional of superhuman proportions (and a salary to match). Fixed-cost contracts are much better for your bottom line.
  1. Do you know what they should be doing?. Is anyone at your company really qualified to manage an IT person? How do you know what they are doing is appropriate to pro-actively maintain your systems? A qualified IT service provider has proactive processes in place to keep your computer systems running smoothly. They should provide you with a network administrator at your managed IT services firm improves office productivity by reducing risk. That’s hard to do when you’re the in-house IT employee who’s trying to keep up with the demands of office personnel and learning the latest technologies.[br][br] Network administrators are dedicated computer network engineers who regularly inspect your system’s to ensure they meet best practices. At IND Corporation, these professionals work with our virtual CIOs, who work directly with clients to implement system remediations or upgrades as needed. And speaking of …
  1. Virtual CIO service. These IT professionals are a valuable resource to any business today. A virtual CIO is your Chief Information Officer, whose goal is to ensure your technology solutions align with your business goals. It’s not about the next shiny object that you might not need—your virtual CIO will review and help you select the applications, software and hardware that make sense for your specific business.[br][br] A virtual CIO will provide proactive IT planning and budgeting, vendor management and accountability (does your IT person really have time to deal with all those technology vendors?), and hold strategic planning meetings with you on a regular basis.
  1. Cloud computing made easy. There’s a good chance your IT employee will over-complicate this because he or she doesn’t have the exposure to dozens of different Cloud platforms. With all the Cloud-based technologies and solutions now available, it’s important that your IT support partner fully understands what’s out there and what makes the most sense to meet your business goals. Ask if they implement and manage Cloud solutions, and if they handle system migration or partner with a firm that does.

At IND Corporation, our TotalCare service program delivers comprehensive and customized IT support to small and medium-sized businesses in New Jersey, at a monthly fixed cost. Our team eliminates technology headaches, improves business performance, reduces costs, and mitigates risk—something your in-house IT employee can’t do nearly as effectively. Don’t waste another second (and stop wasting money); contact us to discuss your needs so we can design a solution for you.