5 Steps to A Successful IT Onboarding Process

5 Steps to A Successful IT Onboarding Process

Bring Your Office Is Up to Speed with These IT Onboarding Steps

While the benefits of a managed IT provider are more than obvious, many companies are still reluctant to take the jump into a new solution. Transitioning to a new IT service firm (what we call the onboarding process) can be enough to steer someone away from making a  substantial improvement to their business efficiency, security, and their profitability. Don’t miss out on the benefits a managed IT service could be providing to you. IND Corporation will stand by your side every step of the way. Here’s how we keep your IT onboarding process simple.  

Realizing you need a professional

The first step in successful IT onboarding is recognizing the gap in your technological abilities and relinquishing control to your managed service provider. They are the IT experts, and you are paying them to take complete management responsibility of your IT systems. Your IT service partner should be able to discuss their onboarding process with you, and you should set dates for completion of milestones until you have been completely setup in their managed service program.    

We have 160-point onboarding process that includes:  

  • Documenting all IT information, including assets and vendors 
  • Gathering employee information and setting up everyone in our service portal 
  • Changing admin passwords 
  • Deploying our monitoring and update software 
  • Training all employees on how to get support from us!

IND Corporation ensures the onboarding process is smooth, secure, and undisruptive to your overall business operations 

Thorough Analysis of Network 

At IND Corporation, we understand that no two companies are alike. That’s why we take our time with each client, giving each company a thorough analysis of not only their IT systems, but also their business goals, challenges, obstacles, and risks. IT onboarding cannot properly take place without an initial understanding of what your company does, how they do it, where they want to go, and what is preventing them from getting there. After IND analyzes your system, we can then make accurate and customized recommendations on the right IT systems that will support your business goals, whether those systems are in the cloud or in your office.  

Educating Team

As proper IT onboarding ensues, it’s important to educate your entire team on the process. Onboarding requires more than integrating the solution into your network. You must also integrate it into your employee’s everyday workflow. IND offers educational tools to assist your team in comfortable transitioning into our unique solutions. We ensure each client has a solid grasp of our solutions and how they can personally benefit from each strategy. With IND, your team will never stand alone. We maintain a close eye on your systems, remedying problems that arise before your team experiences a setback.  

Put Your Trust In IND

The biggest step toward managed IT integration is putting your trust in your service provider. IND has been providing successful IT solutions for years that not only fit your budget, but also help to achieve your business goals. Don’t put added stress onto your plate by juggling your IT networking needs. Put that responsibility into the hands of experts.  

Keep it Going

As you’re going through your IT onboarding process, remember that the process will not be complete overnight. Since you are now integrating a managed service into your network, the integration in an ongoing process. While you’ll experience benefits soon after implementation, your team still needs to keep the momentum going. Periodically check in on your employee’s knowledge and your understanding of our solutions.  

Reach out to the IND team and experience the benefits of our managed IT solutions. We’ll ensure your It onboarding process is smooth and hassle-free. With IND, your network will remain safe, secure, and in good hands.