4 ways managed IT improves your business processes

Increasingly, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are turning to managed services to access the IT support and services they need. You can see this strategic shift reflected in the growing market. By 2023, the global managed services market is expected to reach $296.38 billion – which means the industry will see an impressive compound annual growth rate of 11.32 percent from 2018 to 2023.

With limited budgets, there are many enhanced applications and services SMBs wouldn’t be able to afford without managed IT. Partnering with a managed IT provider makes these services and apps affordable. Not only that but, by outsourcing IT tasks, businesses can benefit from IT service providers with specialized expertise, which makes achieving strategic technology goals more possible than ever before.

If you’re wondering how outsourcing services can support your business’s success, take a look at these four ways managed IT improves business processes.

1. Faster solutions to IT problems

How many times have your employees had to put a project on hold? Or they had to wait for your in-house IT resources to fix a problem? With managed IT services from a reliable provider, your business will benefit from 24-hour tech support. Not only will you have always-on response services to troubleshoot problems, but you’ll have access to a large team of IT specialists with plenty of experience with all types of issues. This translates to faster resolutions to tech issues, allowing your staff to enjoy a more streamlined workflow.

2. Ability to focus on business-critical tasks

Instead of dealing with IT tasks and incorporating technology planning into your business processes, your staff can devote all their energy to core tasks that help your business generate revenue. Your managed IT provider can handle everything from employee training for new apps to ensuring you have an adequate disaster recovery plan in place and testing for vulnerabilities. As a result, you don’t have to devote resources to planning for IT considerations.

3. Easier transition to cloud computing

Is your business behind when it comes to the cloud revolution? According to research performed by S&P Global, 60 percent of surveyed organizations said that a majority of their IT will be off-premise within two years. With cloud computing, your business can save money and run more efficiently. By consolidating your applications with a cloud computing service, hosting your business data in the cloud means you don’t have to use your own hardware space anymore. You no longer have to pay staff to maintain your business applications anymore.

With the help and ongoing support offered by managed IT, you can migrate your business to the cloud easily. You don’t have to worry about learning curves and managing your apps and data on the cloud. You can unlock all the efficiency and cost-savings of cloud technology for your business, right away.

4. Solid network security

Stolen data and cyberattacks can damage your business reputation and lead to costly downtime. With managed IT, however, you experience optimal business continuity and protection from cyber threats. Your IT services provider can constantly monitor your network remotely, reducing the risk of a data breach or attack. An experienced managed IT provider will also take proactive measures. This is to ensure you don’t worry about unauthorized access to your network.

When you consider all the ways that managed IT services can enhance business processes, choosing to rely on an in-house team doesn’t make a lot of sense for most small to mid-sized businesses. If you want to help your business save money and enjoy more efficient processes, reach out to the experts at IND Corporation.