3 Signs of Cyber Security Threats

3 Signs of Cyber Security Threats

Be Proactive: Ward off Security Threats

As 2018 is coming to a close, it’s safe to say that businesses are the number one target for cyber-attacks; identity theft impacts 60 million Americans and the cost of a data breach is in the millions of dollars.

As worrisome as these statistics are, the point of this post is not to alarm all the business owners out there, but to educate them. As we head into the new year, we’re encouraging companies to upgrade their cybersecurity measures.

Recognizing Phishing Attacks – Phishing still remains the most immediate cyber threat to IT infrastructure and systems. Therefore, it is important that you know what to look out for to forestall a phishing attack. Employees and contractors in your supply chain are usually the targets of these attacks and the attacks are executed through chain emails and links sent to individual e-mail accounts.

In order to pin-point phishing attacks, look out for excessive spam emails coming into your accounts and also check the URLs attached to seemingly official emails. To ensure no employee is taken in by this cyber threat, it is important that security certificates are updated and employees are continuously trained to recognize phishing.

The Threat of Ransomware – the second largest cyber threat to IT infrastructures and networks is ransomware. In 2018 alone, high profile cases like the attacks on FedEx and San Francisco light rail network highlight the popularity and success hackers have had with Ransomware. In fact, statistics show that approximately 60% of victims pay to have their data released after an attack.

To recognize the cyber threat attached to Ransomware, you have to understand that these attacks are propagated through phishing emails and vulnerable network systems. This means every system or network update must be done according to a schedule to limit the damages a successful attack can cause.

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks – the third cyber threat to IT infrastructures, systems, and servers is the increase in DDoS attacks. These attacks have proven to be quite successful in 2018 as the Github saga proved. Thankfully, you can recognize the traces of an imminent DDoS attack by noticing a spike in traffic passing through a system. If the incoming traffic is way more than your servers experience even in peak periods, this may signify a cyber-threat.

The rise in cyber threats to businesses is definitely a concern that every business owner must tackle as the New Year approaches. Today, the US government currently spends approximately $15 billion on its cybersecurity measures to mitigate cyber threats. This shows that your business requires a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy as we go into the New Year.

You can speak to our experienced cybersecurity experts to discuss your business’s peculiar security needs. IND Corporation is committed to keeping your network safe and secure.