3 Reasons You Need a Regular Software Upgrade

3 Reasons You Need a Regular Software Upgrade

Software Upgrades Will Save Your Business

Phishing attacks are gaining tracking on corporate businesses, simply because organizations fail to implement software upgrade policies. Upgrades are not only necessary for reliable network connection and swift processing speeds. Without proper system upgrades, your office falls short on necessary cybersecurity.

According to statistics, approximately 40% of businesses forget or delay the software upgrade process and this leaves your IT infrastructure vulnerable to different types of issues. These issues range from phishing attacks, data loss and leakages. Therefore, it’s wise to read up on the three major reasons why you or your business must consider a timely software upgrade.

The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Software Upgrades Must be Constant

  1. An Exponential Increase in Cyber Crimes: 2017 numbers are in and they are not pretty. According to Gartner, Ransomware families have grown by more than 700% since 2016. And even more frightening, is the fact that 35% of these attacks are usually successful and leads to the ransom actually been paid. To make these numbers more relatable, statistics show that approximately 4 out of 10 organizations end up paying ransom for the Ransomeware to be removed. Sadly, many system administrators and business owners do not know that a regular software upgrade drastically reduces the success rate of cyber-attacks.
  2. Personal Data is under Attack: The fear of lawsuits is the beginning of wisdom and the possibility of class action suits from your customers should get you to consider regular system upgrades. It’s quite likely that personal data can be breached from a business and affect customer’s security or right to privacy. Simple software upgrades can play an important role in eliminating the likelihood of successful data breaches.
  3. Integrating New Features: As long as the bad guys keep developing new phishing software apps, scams, and DDOS attacks to steal financial records and money, the good guys will keep on countering these attacks. Therefore, it is important to know that the software upgrades that are regularly pushed to your IT infrastructure contain the necessary protocols to defend your systems. This is one of the important reasons why a system upgrade must be scheduled and never overlooked.

Is Conducting System Upgrade a pain?

The tasks associated with the average system upgrade involve; provisioning the upgrades and using the right tools or apps and having the technical know-how needed to execute the upgrading process. And in many cases, a system upgrade can take up tens of hours which you may not have. Therefore, if you currently struggle with conducting regular system upgrades or do not have the experienced technical personnel needed for your upgrades, simply contact IND Corporation. Throughout our years as a managed IT provider, we’ve seen it all. Not only have we witnesses catastrophic system failures, but we have also steered those businesses out of harm’s way.

Put your businesses IT maintenance into the hands of professionals. With our help, your business’s networks will be kept up to date a clear of potential threats. Contact our professionals today to learn more.