3 Benefits of Cloud Hosting

3 Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Experience The Innovative Technology of Cloud Hosting

The term “cloud hosting” has been popping up around the tech industry, and being applied to virtually every other type of company. If you’ve been pondering the thought of integrating this technology trend into your business check out these top three benefits of hosting some or all of your IT systems in the cloud.

Diversify Your Backup Solution

What does each minute of downtime cost your business? Whether you have your entire network backed up on the cloud, or a hybrid of cloud and on-premise backup solutions, you can rest assured your systems are safe with IND’s cloud expertise. We’re able to restore your systems through cloud technology to a restore point that is as recent as 15 minutes before a disaster occurred. With IND’s business continuity solution, your office can be back up and running almost immediately after your primary systems go down.

Enhance Delivery Speed

Cloud-based file storage can be affordable solution to managing your company’s data. Files stored through the cloud can be accessed in a number of different ways, However loud hosted file solutions are great for some businesses, but not all. Things to keep in mind when thinking about moving your business to a cloud-based file storage solution include the size of your files, how often they are accessed, how and from where they are accessed in your business processes, and regulatory compliance requirements. Make sure your Cloud file hosting solution has built-in redundancies to protect against business disruption, so that your files won’t be effected by things like cryptolocker viruses, file corruption, or accidental deletion by employees.

Security Solutions You Can Trust

IND Corporation analyzes your current security health so we can better assist you moving forward. After a thorough network analysis, we can recommend specific cyber-security solutions to fit your needs – including several cloud-hosted solutions. Our team offers cyber security training to your entire team of employees. We’ll educate your office on proper safety practice, network protection, and warning signs to look out for. IND will also handle password management. While we educate your team on optimal password creation practices, we also scan the dark web for any links to your business account. With IND on your side, your network will remain safe and secure from all directions.

For more benefits of cloud hosting, reach out to IND Corporation’s dedicated team. Our superior cloud solutions save small businesses time and money, while keeping their networks safe and secure.